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Certified 7 Chakras bracelet for men and women

Certified 7 Chakras bracelet for men and women

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Introducing our Certified 7 Chakras Bracelet, designed for both men and women. This vibrant bracelet features an array of genuine gemstones, each representing one of the seven chakras: amethyst for the crown, lapis lazuli for the third eye, blue aventurine for the throat, green aventurine for the heart, yellow aventurine for the solar plexus, carnelian for the sacral, and red jasper for the root. Each stone is carefully chosen for its energetic properties and vibrant color, promoting balance, healing, and alignment of your chakras. Strung on a durable elastic cord, this bracelet ensures a comfortable fit for any wrist size. Perfect for enhancing your spiritual journey or adding a colorful touch to your everyday style, our certified 7 chakras bracelet is a beautiful and meaningful accessory.

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